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At The Rock, we’re proud to serve
Atlantic Beef Products.

Our steaks are aged for a minimum of 21 days.

Our Atlantic Canadian, marbly beef getting prepped.Beautiful beef, ready to be seared.Steak with a glass of red.Steak meat on a cutting board with rosemary.A steak ready to  eat.

Look good?

Superior Quality.

Atlantic Beef Products purchases only the highest quality of cattle - raised using a traditional approach on small, family-owned farms.


Salt air, iron-rich soil and rolling pastures produce healthy, stress-free animals, resulting in a distinctive flavour.


All producers use sustainable farming practices based on a traditional, holistic approach with humane handling, high quality grass and feed, and no synthetic hormones.

Blue Dot Reserve Top Tier AAA Beef.

Blue Dot Reserve is a top tier AAA grade beef and guarantees an exquisite dining experience. Expertly cut and gorgeously marbled, it proves our passion for top quality beef. Its consistency, texture and delectable taste, will take quality to a whole new level, and have customers coming back time and time again.

Blue Dot Reserve Beef is hand raised and handpicked on small family farms, making it unparalleled in quality, consistency and tantalizing taste. Our supplier teams up with their producers to provide safe and reliable superior beef for ultimate satisfaction.


We love beef, and are proud of what we serve at The Rock. Want to learn more? Follow our social accounts as we post our fun educational ‘beef-ucation’ series.

We’re committed to you having the best dining experience and want to be sure you’re delighted with your meal. Here are the standards for how steaks are cooked, so we can be sure we’re speaking the same language - beef!

A graphic of steak donenesses.